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High-quality wheels are essential to ensure handling equipment is used effectively. We offer different types of wheels and bearings, depending on surface, indoor and/or outdoor use, weight of the items to be transported or special applications such as electrically conductive and chemical resistance.


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How do you choose the right wheel?

Depending on your goal, you can determine the wheels. This starts with the object you want to place the wheels under. After all, a hand truck requires completely different wheels than a furniture dog. You should also consider the type of wheel or size of the wheel.


Types of wheels

There are many different types of wheels, each of which is suitable for a specific purpose. For example, some wheels are designed for street use, while others are intended for off-road use. There are also wheels that are specially designed for use in extreme conditions, such as snow or sand. In addition, there are also wheels such as fixed or swivel castors. Below is a brief explanation of the difference between a fixed and swivel castor and the various types of wheels:


Difference between swivel and fixed castors

A fixed wheel is a fixed wheel where the fork does not rotate in the direction. You can only drive forwards or backwards with a fixed wheel. A swivel wheel, the name says it all. Is a wheel that wants to swivel. And, on the other hand, you can rotate 360 degrees.


Pneumatic tyres

Pneumatic tires are, as the name suggests, tires with air. You often see this under a warehouse trolley or hand truck. Pneumatic tires have various advantages, such as: longer life at high speeds, better contact between tire and driving surface and less heating.


TPE wheels

TPE, also known as thermoplastic rubber, are wheels with a rubber tread and have an average rolling and swivel resistance. One of the major advantages is that TPE wheels dampen vibrations. This ensures high driving comfort when driving on uneven surfaces.


Solid rubber wheels

Solid rubber wheels can be used for many applications. Shops, offices or catering are environments where you see them the most. This is because Solid rubber wheels are low-noise, vibration-dampening and floor-saving.


Electrically conductive TPE wheels

Do you work with products that are sensitive to electrostatic charges? Then choose electrically conductive TPE wheels. These discharges can be avoided with the help of electrostatically conductive wheels and castors.


Nylon wheels

Nylon wheels are wheels made of hard plastic. This causes the wheels to make a lot of noise. However, nylon wheels are perfect for driving on hard and flat surfaces.


Polyurethane wheels

Polyurethane is a plastic material and belongs to the polymers. It is a versatile material and has many applications. Polyurethane wheels are very strong, but at the same time very flexible. This makes them suitable as wheels for all applications where heavier load capacities are required.


Which type of wheel you need therefore depends on the purpose for which you want to use the wheel.


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Whether you are looking for wheels for goods transport or a special application, you have come to the right place at Kruizinga. View the range on the website or contact Kruizinga, they will be happy to help you. When you choose to buy wheels from Kruizinga, you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.