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Internal transport with platform trucks

A platform truck, also called platform truck, is ideal for the workplace or in the warehouse because you can easily transport goods with it. The advantage here is that you don't have to lift heavy things, but can easily roll away. A platform truck consists of a loading floor, wheels and a push handle. At Kruizinga we have a diverse range of platform trucks with different designs and various load capacities.


Smart choices

What is a platform truck suitable for?

A platform truck is often encountered in internal transport . Think of a warehouse or office. You can easily move goods from A to B with a platform truck. It is important that you choose the right type for the right work. Below we tell you more about the different types of platform trucks. 


The different versions

At Kruizinga we have various types of platform trucks in the Product Range. Kruizinga has, among other things, foldable platform trolleys, platform trolleys with push handle or used platform trolleys. In addition, they are available in various versions when it comes to load capacity. For example, we have platform trucks with a load capacity in our range with a load capacity of 60 kg and platform trucks that go up to 1200 kg load capacity. There is also a difference in the type of material. Think of a platform trolley with plastic or platform trolley with wood and steel.


Want to buy a platform trolley? Kruizinga will help you!

Do you have a type of platform truck in mind, but you are not yet sure whether this type suits you and your activities? Then contact with our specialists. They help you choose the right platform truck. At Kruizinga you are guaranteed the right price/quality ratio.


What is a platform truck

A platform truck is a trolley with a platform on wheels and push handle. With a platform truck you can move various goods. This means you don't have to lift heavy goods. This is better for the physical health of you or your employees and at the same time saves you a lot of time.

Can I rent a platform truck?

At the moment it is not yet possible to rent a platform truck from Kruizinga. You can, however, rent other products. Take a look at our rental page.