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A wheelbarrow is a product with which you can easily move various goods and materials such as sand, earth or other materials from A to B. Wheelbarrows are useful for gardening, building or other jobs. Thus, there are different types with various uses. Kruizinga has many types of wheelbarrows in its assortment for different applications.


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Different applications wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow offers various applications depending on the need and situation. Consider applications such as:

- Clearing leaves
- Gardening, weeding of weeds
- Moving compost or soil
- Planting plants or flowers
- Helping with construction jobs to move sand or other materials, for example


What types does Kruizinga have in its assortment?

Kruizinga has several types of wheelbarrows in its assortment. For example, we have wheelbarrows with a plastic bin, wheelbarrows with a steel bin. You can use these wheelbarrows as fertilizer barrows, construction barrows or garden barrows. We also have tub barrows for moving trees in tubs, tool barrows or stone barrows in the range. Also, the size of the bin can vary depending on the amount of material you want to move. Below is a brief explanation of the different types:


Stone wheelbarrow

A stone wheelbarrow is a specific type of wheelbarrow used to move stones. This type of wheelbarrow is used where a conventional stone wheelbarrow, given the lifting legislation, is "overloaded. It allows you to easily transport stones piled up.

Tub barrows

Bucket barrows are wheelbarrows suitable for transporting buckets. This handy lifting aid is designed so that you can easily move tubs. You simply clamp the two holders under the edge of the tub and easily walk away with it thanks to gravity.

Wheelbarrow with steel bucket

A wheelbarrow with a steel bucket is often sturdier and more durable than a wheelbarrow with a plastic bucket. In addition, they are often more suitable for heavy jobs because they can carry more weight. A disadvantage can be that they are often heavier than a wheelbarrow with a plastic bin.

Wheelbarrow with plastic bin

A wheelbarrow with a plastic bin is often lightweight and easy to move. The disadvantage of wheelbarrows with a plastic bin is that they are not as sturdy and durable as wheelbarrows with a steel bin. This makes them less suitable for heavier jobs.

Tool wheelbarrow

A tool wheelbarrow is a wheelbarrow that is used to move tools easily and safely. They often have a bin where you can easily and safely store your tools.

In addition to our various Wheelbarrows, we also carry accessories such as different types of wheelbarrow wheels.


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What is a wheelbarrow?

Wheelbarrows are carts that you can use to move sand or other materials. It consists of a metal or plastic container with two or four wheels at the bottom and handles at the top.

What is a wheelbarrow for?

A wheelbarrow is a common product within the construction industry, farms or horticulture. You can also use them for other jobs where materials need to be moved such as sand or stones.

Does Kruizinga also have used wheelbarrows?

In addition to new wheelbarrows, there may occasionally be used wheelbarrows in Kruizinga's assortment. This is just not always the case because our assortment changes daily. Would you like to know more about our used assortment? Then take a look at our used page.