Paper Container

Clean up your paper with paper containers!

Are you looking for a way to easily separate your paper waste and reduce your impact on the environment? A paper container is a great solution that can help you manage paper waste efficiently. Paper and cardboard are common in businesses. By installing paper containers, you can ensure that it is recycled instead of being thrown away with other waste. By recycling, you reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and help conserve natural resources.  


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How to choose the right paper container? 

There are a number of important factors to consider before purchasing a paper container. Firstly, you should think about the size of the container. This depends on the amount of paper waste you produce. Make sure the paper container is large enough but also easy to handle.  

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the quality and durability of the paper and cardboard container. For example, by choosing a container with a sturdy construction, it will ensure that the container can withstand wear and tear and last a long time.  


Using a paper bin correctly 

Want to use a paper bin correctly? Then follow these guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your paper bin: 

1. Placement: Make sure the paper container is placed in an easily accessible place, such as near desks or in a common area in the office. This will ensure that people can easily dispose of their paper waste.  

2. Use of bags: To make emptying a paper container easier, you can choose to place a plastic bag inside it. This will also prevent the container from getting soiled.  

3. Regular emptying: Make sure the paper container is emptied regularly to avoid overflowing. This helps in preventing unwanted odours and contamination.


Tips for efficient paper waste management 

Besides usage, here are some tips you can follow for efficient paper waste management:      

1. Recycle paper: Make sure you throw all your paper waste in the paper container instead of in a bin with other waste. By doing so, you will help reduce the need for new tree felling.  

2. Double-sided printing: Whenever you print something out, try to print double-sided. This will reduce the amount of paper used.  

3. Alternatives: Consider digital solutions whenever possible. Such as a digital notepad.  


Buying a paper container? Kruizinga helps you!  

Using a paper container is an effective way to reduce and recycle paper waste. This can contribute positively to the environment and create a cleaner working or living environment.  

By purchasing a paper container from Kruizinga, you are assured of a sustainable investment with the best value for money. Would you like help with your choice? Then contact one of our specialists. They will be happy to help you make the best choice.  


Can I put other types of waste in a paper container? 

No, a paper container is for paper only. Other types of waste, such as food waste or plastic, can interfere with the recycling process. 

What happens to the paper after it has been recycled? 

Recycled paper can be used to make new paper products. Think of magazines, cardboard or newspapers. This allows us to meet the demand for new