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Work efficiently with a roller conveyor

A roller conveyor is a type of conveyor belt that is used to move goods or materials from A to B. A roller conveyor consists of a number of rotating rollers that are attached to the frame or undercarriage. Roller conveyors are used for internal transport of, for example, plastic stacking bins, crates or boxes.

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Roller conveyor with plastic rollers 90 degree bend
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What benefits are there?

A roller conveyor, also known as a roller conveyor, brings various advantages with closed. Think about:

- It contributes to reducing the physical strain on employees who would otherwise have to lift or carry heavy loads. This can lead to a lower risk of injury and higher productivity.
- A roller conveyor can help reduce the risk of damage to products while moving them.
- A roller conveyor can help increase company efficiency by making moving products faster and easier.

Types of roller conveyors

Kruizinga has various types of roller conveyors in its range. A roller conveyor depends on the type of environment they are used in and the specific needs of a company. The roller conveyors that Kruizinga has in its range are:

Roller conveyor with plastic rollers

A roller conveyor with plastic rollers is a roller conveyor with rollers that are made of the material plastic. This type of roller conveyor is especially suitable for moving heavy objects such as: crates, pallets or boxes. Because the plastic rollers offer good resistance, you have a long life and low risk of wear on your products.

Roller conveyor with steel rollers

Used for a wide variety of applications depending on the specific needs of the user. This type offers good resistance to wear and has a high load capacity.

Harmonica roller conveyor

The rollers are placed in a flexible way. This allows the roller conveyor to bend or twist to help you get around obstacles. The harmonica roller conveyor is particularly suitable for use in areas with limited space or when obstacles such as pillars are in the way.

Used roller conveyors

These are roller conveyors that can no longer be sold as new. Do you not care if there is a scratch or dent in the roller conveyor? Then a used roller conveyor is perfect for you!

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What is a roller conveyor?

A roller conveyor is a device used to move goods from one place to another by means of rollers or wheels mounted below the surface. You often come across them in factories, for example, to easily move large or heavy objects.

In which environments are roller conveyors found?

A roller conveyor is used in different types of working environments. Think of: factories, shops, packaging facilities, factories, airports or post offices. In fact, you can use a roller conveyor wherever it is necessary to move large or heavy objects from A to B.

Which products are useful in combination with a roller conveyor?

There are various products that are useful in combination with a roller conveyor. Think of products such as plastic stacking bins, in which small materials can be stored and transported over a roller conveyor.