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Park your bicycles safely with our bicycle racks!

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of bicycle racks. Whether you go to school, have to go to the hospital or work in an office, there is a possibility to store your bicycles in almost every environment. Think of a bicycle rack. A bicycle rack provides a tidy and neat appearance. In addition, a bicycle rack also provides a bit of safety. When a bicycle falls over, the bicycles parked around it do not fall because they are in a bicycle rack.


Kruizinga has new bicycle racks, but also second-hand bicycle racks in its range. Knowing more? Then continue reading below.

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What type of bicycle racks does Kruizinga offer?

Bicycle racks are often made of metal and cause for bicycles to be parked. The construction of a bicycle rack varies. For example, you can buy bicycle racks that you can place on the ground, but you can also attach other bicycle racks to the wall, for example. Our bike racks are made of robust material, making them weather resistant.


Bike rack for 1 bike or 2 bikes

When you think of a bike rack, you think attached to a large bicycle shed where many bicycles can park. As a consumer or small business, it is not necessary to purchase such a long bicycle rack. It is also possible to purchase a bicycle rack for only 1 bicycle! These are 1-piece bicycle racks that you can attach to the wall.  


In addition to being very useful to have a bicycle rack for To purchase 1 bicycle, it may be even more convenient to purchase a bicycle rack for 2 bicycles. This way you can always park a bicycle next to your bicycle. You cannot attach the 2-piece bicycle racks that Kruizinga has in its range to the wall, but place them on the floor. With one bicycle rack it is possible to place the bicycle on both sides of the bicycle rack. With the other type of 2-piece bicycle rack it is only possible to do this on one side. Such a bicycle rack goes from high low, high low. This is why such a bicycle rack is also called a “bicycle rack high low” .


Bicycle rack for 3 or 4 bicycles

A 3-piece bike rack and a 4-piece bike rack are not extremely large , but can still provide enough storage for most environments. For example, you can use a 4-piece bicycle rack perfectly for families or for the staff of small companies. At Kruizinga we sell these bike racks in a convex shape or in a sleek shape.


5 and 6 piece bike racks & more!

Is a 4-piece bike rack not enough to hold all bikes? to be able to store? Then choose a 5 or 6-piece bicycle rack. These bike racks are common in school environments, hospital environments, care center environments and at shopping and dining facilities. Often several bicycle racks are placed next to each other, so that everyone can park their bicycle here. You can also choose the shape of the bicycle rack here, such as a spherical bicycle rack or a bicycle rack with a more straight shape.


In addition to 5 and 6-piece bicycle racks, we also have bicycle racks that are suitable for large organizations where a lot of staff come by bicycle. Think of bicycle racks for, for example, 19 bicycles!


What should you pay attention to when purchasing a bicycle rack?

In addition to looking at how many bicycles you want to store, it is also important to look at which types of bicycles are used. An electric bicycle is heavier than a normal bicycle, which means that an electric bicycle should also be stored in a heavier bicycle rack. This is especially important to know when you have a wall-mounted bicycle rack in mind.


Buy a bicycle rack? Kruizinga will help you!

If you are still unsure about which bike rack suits you best, you can always contact with a from the experts at Kruizinga. We will then look together with you at what suits you best. When you choose to purchase a rack for your bicycles from Kruizinga, you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.


What is a bicycle rack?

A bicycle rack is a rack in which you can store bicycles. With a bicycle rack you ensure that employees, customers and guests can safely park their bicycles outside.

Is it possible to buy a used bicycle rack?

In addition to a new bicycle rack, you can you can also purchase a used bicycle rack from Kruizinga. Would you like to know more about our used range? Then take a look at our used assortment page.

Is it possible to rent a bicycle rack temporarily?

On At the moment it is not possible to rent a bicycle rack. Would you like to know what you can rent at Kruizinga? Then take a look at our rental page.

Does Kruizinga have any other products in its range that match your bike rack?

To park your bicycle safely, not only a bicycle rack is useful. Consider, for example, the safety of your bicycle. To do this, you can use a cable lock to secure your bike to a bike rack. This way your bike cannot be closed.