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Outdoor ashtrays necessary? Buy them at Kruizinga

Outdoor ashtrays are important to keep the environment clean of cigarette butts. These ashtrays offer employees or passers-by the opportunity to push out their cigarette butts and then leave them there. In this way, the outdoor areas remain clean. Outdoor ashtrays can be found in almost all industries. Consider, for example, schools, hospitals, municipalities and at bus and train stations.


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The different types

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of outdoor ashtrays. There are different types of outdoor ashtrays, such as: wall ashtray, ash and paper bin combination and outdoor ashtray on foot. A suitable outdoor ashtray for every sector. The different types are briefly explained below.


Ash and paper bin

As the name suggests, an ash and paper bin is used to store ash and paper from cigarette butts. At Kruizinga we sell models that are round or rectangular. A round smoke pole is most often found outdoors. At Kruizinga, this model can store 0-20 liters of waste, but we also sell a larger version that can store 21-40 liters of waste. More waste can often be stored in the square or rectangular models. We also have a special model of the ash and paper bin in our range. In addition to the standing models, we also have a model that can be mounted on the wall. By choosing an ashtray with wall mounting as an organization, you can create space.


pedestal ashtray

A pedestal ashtray, also known as a standing ashtray, are often elongated posts specially designed for the collection of cigarette butts. Most of these ashtrays are characterized by a lock. This means that the owner of these upright ashtrays has the option to empty the ashtrays. Because these posts are small, they are less noticeable, which gives a more luxurious look to the environment.


Wall-mounted ashtray

As mentioned earlier, a wall-mounted ashtray offers the perfect solution to save space. At Kruizinga we have a large assortment in different shapes. From cylindrical to rectangular. The advantage of the cylinder and round shapes is that they take up little space due to the original shape and the practical opening. A sticker is also included with this product. As an employee, you can decide for yourself whether to stick it on.


In addition, these different shapes of wall ashtrays can also vary in the amount of cigarette butts they can hold. The round shapes can often store 300 cigarettes (this is approximately equal to 0.5 liter capacity), while a rectangular shape can store around 1800 butts (this is approximately equivalent to 3.0 liter capacity). If your company or organization has a lot of employees and few smoking areas, it is wise to purchase an ashtray that can hold more liters.


Buy an outdoor ashtray at Kruizinga

Kruizinga has been an expert in the field of storage and transport equipment for many years. Waste and cleaning also play an important role in this. The great advantage that Kruizinga offers is that we can often deliver your desired material very quickly. In the field of outdoor ashtrays, we can also supply accessories such as a foot (for the standing ashtrays for outside).


Can I buy used outdoor ashtrays at Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga you can buy used outdoor ashtrays. You will find this when you filter on the left side of the site under article classification on “used”. We also sell all kinds of other second-hand products. You can read more about this on our used page.