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Stacking racks are used in various environments and provide a practical and orderly system in your warehouse or workshop. Stacking racks are mobile racks that are easy to expand and dismantle because of the stakes and are suitable for transporting and storing long goods and pallets and can be supplied in various sizes. For example, you can also use them as mobile tire racking, pallet racking or big box racking. These euroracks are available from Kruizinga in new, used, custom made stackable racks and TÜV certified stacking racks. It is also possible to rent the metal stacking racks.

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Kruizinga: large range of different types of stacking racks

At Kruizinga we have different stacking racks in our assortment that can increase your storage capacity. There are also other advantages to buying stacking racks at such as:


- Stacking racks are easy to place and move
- The metal tubes at the stacking racks make the mobile racks easy to expand and dismantle
- You can determine the height yourself
- High carrying capacity and capacity
- Can be used both indoors and outdoors


Mobile racks

Mobile stacking racks can be used as mobile shelving. They are available in different designs, but especially flexible in height through the use of stakes. The racks have standard dimensions, making them suitable for storage when not in use. This saves up to 70% of space in your warehouse.


Used stacking racks

Do you want to be circular? Then choose used stacking racks. Kruizinga always has a changing range of used stacking racks available from stock. By giving materials a second life, the racks do not have to be destroyed and it is better for the environment. Based on our more than 60 years of experience, careful sorting takes place and the photos are photographed as honestly as possible and put online so you always know what to expect.


Custom stacking racks

At Kruizinga, you have the option of ordering custom-made stacking racks. Almost anything is possible with a custom-made stacking rack. Please contact one of our specialists and ask about the possibilities!


Big-bag racks

Do you want to store raw materials, waste or goods in form-fitting big-bag bags? You can do so by using big-bag racks! This makes it even easier and safer to store goods. This is because you can determine the height of the racks yourself. Kruizinga's big bag racks are characterized by their high load-bearing capacity, sturdy construction, inset skids for moving with a forklift truck and stacking lugs.


Temporary storage and low costs with stacking rack rental from Kruizinga

Do you have unexpected increases in, for example, the number of orders, seasonal crowds, an event or a move? At Kruizinga, we understand better than anyone that your warehouse process or business logistics must continue, which is why Kruizinga has the ability to rent out stacking racks. We can easily achieve this because of the large number of stacking racks in stock.

The advantage of renting is that you do not have to make a large investment. Also, the stacking racks take up little valuable space once you no longer need them. Kruizinga also has other products you can rent that are also very useful in your warehouse. Think of pallet truck rental, stacking bins rental, or loading ramps rental and much more!


Applications of a stacking rack

Stacking racks are widely used as shelving in warehouses or corporate logistics. Because of the various sizes of stanchions, you are very flexible and can stack up to 6 high, depending on the roundness.


Accessories stacking rack

There are various accessories for stacking frames. The most important accessory is of course the stakes, without stakes you cannot stack your stacking frames. There are also other accessories such as:

- Wheel plate including wheels for making your stacking rack mobile
- Cover plates in wood or plastic material for closed bottom
- Plug-in brackets that allow you to move the racks with a forklift truck
- Bracket for stanchions for the use of extra stanchions
- Side and rear walls to close the stackable steel pallets


All these accessories can be found on the left side under "accessories".


Buy stacking rack? Kruizinga helps you!

You can order stacking racks directly in our webshop. Do you still have questions about a stacking rack or about the number you want to buy? Do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. They will be happy to help you further. At Kruizinga, you are always guaranteed a sustainable investment with the best price/quality ratio with a long lifespan.


What is a warehouse rack?

A stacking rack is a type of warehouse rack that is flexible and easy to set up at a time when extra space is welcome. The racks are also called manuracks. You can use the racks both indoors and outdoors. Pay attention to the surface treatment.

How do I make efficient use of stacking racks?

Make optimal use of the available floor space and go up for maximum storage capacity. You will have this opportunity optimally when you purchase a stackable steel pallet because the height of the stacking racks can be easily adjusted by using different lengths of stakes. These are available as standard in 990 mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm, 1370 mm, 1680 mm and 2000 mm.

How do I determine the useful height of a stacking rack?

You take the total lap length minus 170, example: lap length 1680 mm - 170 mm = 1510 mm. It is also possible to deviate from the standard lengths. Please contact us for the possibilities. * This calculation example applies to our stacking racks type 87301, 87302, 87304 and 87305.

Which stacking rack with which surface treatment should I have?

Our stacking racks are available with different surface treatments namely:
Painted, powder coated, untreated or hot dip galvanized. But which stacking rack is best for your situation?


- Hot-dip galvanized stacking racks are long-term protected against corrosion, can be used both indoors and outdoors, the disadvantage is that there is a risk of deformation.
- Powder coating is a strong paint layer that is less prone to damage, is environmentally friendly and forms a better protective layer. The disadvantage is that any damage is difficult to touch up.
- Painted stacking racks have a much smoother finish but are less protected against weather conditions.
- With untreated, there is no coating on the stacking rack.


Does Kruizinga have other products that are useful in a warehouse?

Besides stacking racks, Kruizinga also has other products which are useful in a warehouse. For example: pallet truck, stacking bin plastic, gitterbox etc.