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When you are out and about or on your way to work, you will probably come across outdoor bins on a regular basis. It is important that you deposit your waste there, so that the outdoor environment and nature remain as clean as possible. Outdoor waste bins can be made for specific purposes. In addition, they are available in different shapes and sizes.


Are you wondering which outdoor waste collector is most suitable for your environment? View the information below.



In which environments are outdoor bins used?

As the name suggests, outdoor waste bins are solutions for collecting waste outside. You will encounter a garbage picker in many different environments such as on sidewalks, parks and other environments. It is the intention that a waste bin or a waste collector is placed where necessary so that no one throws their waste outside. It is up to the municipalities to provide enough outdoor bins for users.


What materials are outdoor waste bins made of?

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of waste containers. For example, we offer outdoor waste bins in no less than 11 different types of materials. Examples of these materials are: HDPE plastic, wood, plastic and steel. The type of material is important in your choice. The advantages of certain materials are briefly described below.


HDPE waste bin

We distinguish two types of HDPE waste bins. For example, we sell outdoor plastic models with a lid, but we also sell models with a permanent opening. This type of street litter bin can, for example, be hung on a wall or other stable support. HDPE plastic is characterized by its stability and strength. For example, an outdoor waste bin made of this material is also protected against UV radiation.


Outdoor wooden waste bin

A wooden waste bin has a more luxurious and unique look than a plastic waste bin and offers above all a natural design. Our range includes wooden bins that rest on a steel base. Some also contain an ashtray, ideal for cigarette butts.


The metal waste bin

We also have many steel outdoor bins for sale. Steel is a very strong material. In addition, the great advantage of this type of material is that the container lasts a long time, because it can withstand many different types of weather conditions. Kruizinga's steel outdoor models are also available in many different shapes. For example, customers can opt for round waste containers, but we also offer semi-circular or rectangular bins.


Buy an outdoor waste bin? Kruizinga can help!

Do you have an outdoor waste bin in mind, but would you like more information about that specific waste bin? No problem! It's easy to contact one of our specialists. By purchasing an outdoor waste bin from Kruizinga you are assured of the best price/quality ratio.</p >


How many liters of waste can an outdoor waste bin hold?

When purchasing an outdoor rubbish bin, it is important to take into account how many liters of waste it should hold. In some outdoor environments there will be more passers-by, so it is important to place a larger outdoor waste bin here. Of course Kruizinga has taken this into account and that is why we sell many different sizes of outdoor rubbish bins.


The rubbish bin that is most often purchased is the 60 liter outdoor bin, but there is also a lot of demand for the 50 liter outdoor dustbin. We also have smaller and large formats at Kruizinga. The larger sizes of outdoor waste bins can hold no less than 100 liters of waste!


Can I buy accessories for my outdoor waste bin?

Waste bags, trolleys, fixing kitand inner bins are examples of accessories for outdoor bins. At Kruizinga you can purchase all these different accessories at good prices. For example, it is even possible to purchase a cover for your trash can, so that it fits better in its environment.