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A self-tilting forklift bucket is a bucket that allows the contents to be transported and dumped in one place by tilting it. Another similar solution is the used or new tipper. This tool is a tipper that can also be used to move and dump the contents, but this is done by tilting the tipper. This tool is widely used for waste disposal and by construction companies. Order a used tipper or a used hopper barge in stock at Kruizinga. By choosing a used solution, for example a used forklift tipper, you choose a fast delivery - all solutions are in stock with us. In our range you will find different models of used self-tipping and used tilting containers. Depending on your needs, choose the model that suits you best.


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Why buy a used tilt bucket?

Why should you use a used tilt bucket? This may be a question you ask yourself. However, there are many benefits. Using a used tipper is indeed a very good choice as it allows you to save money on a product that has the same features and functionality as a new version. This allows you to allocate more resources to another project, to business development or to your staff. Kruizinga checks the condition and functionality of all solutions used to deliver functional products. That is why with this solution you choose a product that works just as well as a new version. By ordering a used tipper, you also promote the circular economy by reusing an existing product and material.


Buy a used tipper? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to buy a used tipping container, but do you still need help? No problem! Our specialists are ready for you. You can easily contact them. By buying a used tipping bucket at Kruizinga you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.


What is a used tipping bucket?  

A used tipping container is a tipping container which may no longer be sold as new. This may be because the tilting container has been used, but it may also be because, for example, scratches have occurred during transport of the new tilting container. A used tilting container does not always have to have been in use.