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Buy a waste container for all types of waste?

With legislation becoming increasingly strict in the field of waste separation, it is essential for companies to have suitable waste containers. This type of waste container allows waste to be stored in a dedicated indoor or outdoor space without the risk of contaminating the environment. In addition, very practical when we throw away a large amount of waste.


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Smart choices

The different types

In the Kruizinga range you will find both new and used waste containers . The advantage of a new waste container is that it has not been used before, so that it is still completely clean on the inside and outside. The advantage of a used waste container is that they are often relatively cheaper. You also contribute to circularity. A waste container is available in different types. For example, you can order a waste container made of plastic, steel or HDPE.


The size of a container obviously determines how many liters of waste it can hold. When making a choice, it is important that you determine in advance how often a waste container can be emptied and what type of waste you can store in it. At Kruizinga, the 660 liter waste container is the smallest size and the largest size, on the other hand, is a 1100 liter waste container. We also have the intermediate sizes of garbage containers with 770 liters and 1070 liters.


Plastic waste containers

Plastic waste containers, also known as plastic waste containers, are waste containers that are widely used in various environments and industries. The plastic waste containers can be purchased in many different colours. For example, as a customer you can choose from blue, yellow, grey, green, red or black waste containers made of plastic.  


HDPE plastic waste containers

HDPE is an abbreviation for high-density polyethylene. HDPE is a plastic that is used very often. For example, HDPE is used for plastic bags and bottles. The advantage of this material is that the material is very strong. In addition, the advantage of HDPE plastic waste containers is that they are resistant to acid, weather influences and UV radiation.


Steel dumpsters

Steel waste containers, also known as metal waste containers, differ from plastic waste containers in several ways. Metal is a heavier and stronger material than plastic, so it is often better suited to vandalism or impact. Of course there can be a dent. Furthermore, metal garbage containers will melt less quickly. In other words: this container is more fire-safe. At Kruizinga we advise you to use a steel waste container when you use it in public places, such as somewhere outside.


What is a DIN EN 840 recording?

DIN EN 840 is the recognized European standard for mobile waste containers. Garbage trucks with systems in accordance with the same DIN EN standard can easily empty the certified waste containers as soon as they have this recording. A common product in all Dutch municipalities for waste collection are the well-known wheelie bins. These wheeled waste containers are equipped with ergonomic handles and a lid with two hinge points. But in addition, you often see the use of the 1100 liter waste container with DIN recording in business environments such as warehouses, workshops and the like. These can also be easily emptied with a truck, but unlike the 240 liter wheelie bins, they can load and unload much more waste.


Buy a waste container? Kruizinga helps you!

Do you have a waste container in mind, but you are not quite sure which one suits you best? No problem! Our specialists are happy to help you, you can easily contact them. By purchasing a waste container from Kruizinga, you are guaranteed the best price/quality ratio.


Can I order various accessories for order my waste container from Kruizinga?

In addition to the various waste containers, Kruizinga also has various accessories in the assortment. You can easily purchase this when you purchase a waste container. Do you want to sort? Then choose waste sorting stickers.

Does Kruizinga have used waste containers in its range?

In addition to new waste containers Kruizinga also sells used waste containers. Because the used range is gone = gone, it is possible that we do not always have used containers available in the range. Would you like to know more about our used products? Read our used page quickly.