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Within our assortment, you will find aluminum crates in many different sizes and heights.

Some metal crates with handles even have ventilation holes in the walls. Ideal for internal logistics and can also be stacked.

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Characteristics of aluminum shipping crates

Aluminum crates with handles have some specific characteristics. The first is that the crate is made of metal, a strong and light material, which can be easily moved and does not cause problems with heavy loads. In fact, this material will not deform easily during use, and will also be able to absorb shocks without breaking. Moreover, this material is recyclable and much more environmentally friendly than plastic. Secondly, the handles of the aluminum box are important because they make it easier to pick up and move the tools and the products placed in them. It is also important to mention that thanks to the material, the metal crate with handles is very easy to clean and disinfect, which is a real advantage for certain industries.

Why buy a metal crate with handles?

There are many reasons to use the metal crate with handles, as it can be used as a storage and transportation solution. For example, for individuals, the metal crate with handles can be used as a storage box in a garage or home for all kinds of products. For professionals, the metal crate with handle can be used for collecting products in a warehouse or office, so it is a transport crate, but also for storing goods.


Where do shipping crates come in?

Finally, the aluminum shipping crate occurs in many places. Metal crates with handles is used by individuals in homes, garages and workshops, it is also widely used by professionals. Warehouses are good examples of using metal crates with handles, as they can be used for product storage, tool storage or simply as a handling solution. In addition, the aluminum shipping crate is also used in retail stores, either to design shelves or to provide customers with a place to store their goods. Finally, aluminum boxes are used more regularly in some industries, such as hospitals, restaurants and convenience stores.

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Can I buy used transport boxes at Kruizinga?

Because our used product range changes constantly, it is possible that we have used transport boxes in our range one day and not the next. Do you want to know more about products labeled used? Check out our used page.