Glass/plate container

Glass/plate container -

Extensive range of glass trolleys, suction lifters and plate trolleys at Kruizinga.

At Kruizinga, we have an extensive range of glass and plate containers, think: plate stand, plate trolley, glass trolley and more. Kruizinga also offers an extensive range of Fetra glass/plate trolleys.

When you need to transport glass, choose one of our glass trucks and glass transport containers, which guarantee easy and safe transport. You can also choose from a wide range when transporting plates: plate trolley, plate roller, plate stand and more.

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Smart choices

How do you choose the right plate container?

Depending on the products you want to transport, you will need to choose a suitable one. Listed below are a few key points that will help you make your choice.

Using a panel truck

What do you need a panel truck for? This handle can be used to move different types of panels and materials. There are different types of panel trucks. For example, if you need to move glass panels, you need a glass trolley; wooden panels, a panel trolley; plasterboard panels, a plasterboard trolley. Nowadays, panel trolleys have been developed for all types of products.

The essential criteria of the panel trolley

To choose the type of panel trolley you need, several criteria must be taken into account. First of all, the size of the panels to be moved. There are large, medium and small panel trolleys that can handle more or less heavy and bulky elements. Secondly, the weight of the panels determines which type of panel trolley to choose. The heavier the panels, the more resistance your panel trolley should provide. Caster wheels are also an important consideration, as their material is more or less resistant to heavy loads. As you can see, you need to know how you will use your panel trolley to make sure you choose the right solution. Then choosing the panel trolley is easy, depending on the criteria you are looking for.

Why choose a glass panel trolley?

Do you work with products such as plasterboard, glass and other panels? Then we recommend a glass panel trolley. Placing and transporting large and small glass sheets is no problem at all with our glass sheet trolleys: suction lifters and pump suction lifters. These products are easy and quick to use for optimum convenience. Still have questions? Then feel free to contact our specialists.


Are there also accessories for glass sheet trolleys?

Kruizinga also offers various accessories: for example, brackets for plate trolleys, fixing bars and support arms. This way, you can expand the products your way.

Can I buy used glass plate trucks from Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga, you can buy used glass plate trucks. You will find these when you filter by article classification on the left side of the site by "used". We also sell all kinds of other second-hand products. You can read more about these on our used page.