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Stacking bins steel: diverse offer at Kruizinga!

Steel bins, also called metal bins or stacking bins steel, are available in various designs and sizes. For example, Kruizinga's assortment consists of new and used steel stacking bins, but there is also a possibility of custom stacking bins steel. Because steel storage bins are made of strong material, they are ideal for transporting, collecting and disposing of many types of goods. In addition to our steel stacking bins, it is also possible to purchase CE certified stacking bins certified for lifting and stacking at Kruizinga.


Besides new stacking bins steel, Kruizinga also has used stacking bins steel in its range. It is also possible to buy stacking bin steel as custom-made solution.


Wondering which stacking bin steel is suitable for you? See below for more information

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In what environments are steel bins used?

A steel bin is suitable for various operating environments. Consider a work area where forklift traffic is present or a work area where production, order picking and transportation are central. These business environments overlap in that 'products' are central. These 'products' are stored in steel bins, for example. The steel bins are available in different sizes, making the stacking bins suitable for any product or material to be stored.


The advantages

Steel stacking bins have several advantages, as the name suggests, the bins are well stackable. Furthermore, the steel stacking bins have lifting eyes, in combination with a round stop, you can easily lift and move the bins. However, this does require CE certification, which you can obtain at an additional cost. See the CE bins page to see which steel bins with CE certification are all available.


The different types

Kruizinga has a wide range of steel stacking bins. For example, you can obtain different stacking bins in different surface treatments. Think of: painted, lacquered and user-damaged, rusty and hot-dip galvanized. 


The bins are also available in various sizes. For this we use various euronorms in our range. The euronorm dimensions are: 800 x 600 mm, 1000 x 800 mm, 1200 x 800 mm and 1200 x 1000 mm.


Because the dimensions may vary for each steel bin, the load capacity also varies. A steel bin can have a load capacity of as much as 2000 kg. Furthermore, a steel bin can be characterized by its closed walls with, for example, a swing window, allowing you to easily access the goods. In addition, our range also includes models with an open stacking frame, allowing steel bins to be transported safely and easily. This model is suitable for tubes or carriers, for example. You can also order steel stacking bins as new steel bins, used steel bins or custom-made steel bins from Kruizinga.


Buying a steel bin? Kruizinga helps

Do you want to buy steel stacking bins, but you are not quite sure which type of steel stacking bin suits you and your operations best? No problem! Contact our specialists, they will help you further in making your choice. When you choose to buy a steel stacking bin from Kruizinga, you are guaranteed a sustainable investment with a long life span. Also, our stacking bins steel are fast delivery and have a good quality/price ratio.


What are steel stacking bins?

Steel stacking bins are stacking bins made of steel. Steel bins are super efficient and can be used in many ways for many industries such as industrial industries, storage companies or manufacturing companies. You can easily store items efficiently in a warehouse or outdoor area, for example. Steel bins are robust and guarantee a long service life.

Does Kruizinga also have used steel bins?

Besides new steel bins, Kruizinga also has used stacking bins steel in its assortment. Our used assortment is replenished daily which means new products are in the used assortment daily. Would you like to know the advantages of second-hand warehouse equipment? Then take a look at our used products.

Is it also possible to rent a steel bin?

At the moment it is not possible to rent a steel bin at Kruizinga. However, we do have several other products in our range that you can rent. Take a look at our rental page and see all the possibilities.

Does Kruizinga have other products in its range for storing goods?

In addition to our used steel bins, new steel bins or the possibility to order them custom-made at Kruizinga, we also have many other products in the range. Are you looking for storage and transport equipment to improve your business environment? Then take a look at our other products which will help you. For example: stacking bins plastic, wire baskets, roll containers, stacking racks etc.