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Collision protection is, as the word suggests, protection that protects goods against something that could drive into it. For example, you can think of products such as a protective profile, impact protection or crash barrier. You will see these products in, for example, the warehouse where forklift trucks drive around.


Collision protection often has a striking yellow colour. This means that, in addition to protecting goods, this product can also serve as a warning.


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Which different types of collision protection can can you buy from Kruizinga?

In the Kruizinga range you will find a diverse range of collision protection. Collision protection is available in various shapes and materials. Consider, for example, plastic collision protection and steel collision protection. Products that you can think of for collision protection are: corner protection, protective profiles, scaffold protectors, bumpers, crash barriers and protective posts.


Collision protection can be used for various purposes. As mentioned in the introduction, you will first think of collision protection (to) protect scaffolding. At the same time, the striking color of the collision protection also ensures that your staff can work more safely. However, collision protection can also be used for other purposes. Consider, for example, a crash barrier to protect a parking garage or a crash barrier that ensures that you do not drive into the ditch.


Corner protection and protection profile

Protect with corner protectors or protective profile as collision protection (collision protection post), columns, edges or corners. A protection profile, also known as a column protection, can vary in shape. This type of protective profile is mainly made of plastic (also known as plastic collision protection) or flexible polyurethane foam. Flexible polyurethane foam has the advantage that this type of material can withstand temperatures of -40 ° C to +90 ° C.


Shelf protector

Collision protection warehouse (front) racks protect racks in, for example, warehouses or shops. A corner protector can be used to protect the corners of racks against, for example, forklift trucks or other vehicles. At Kruizinga, for example, we sell these in an L-shape with a height of 400 mm. This shelf protector can be supplied with mounting material, so that you can easily assemble this product yourself.


Bump protection

Bump posts collision protection ensures the protection of goods against impacts. Impact protection comes in various sizes and shapes. For example, at Kruizinga we sell protective bars of 400 mm long, protective bars of 800 mm long, but also 1200 mm long.



A guardrail serves as a safety measure to ensure that drivers are directed in a certain direction. Often it is a kind of low metal fence that is located along the road. At Kruizinga, in addition to low crash barriers of, for example, 350 mm high, we also have high crash barriers of 1200 mm high. The protection brackets can therefore also be used well at order picking locations.


Collision protection to buy? Kruizinga helps you!

By purchasing collision protection from Kruizinga, you know that you are purchasing from experts. Firstly, we have been a supplier of storage and transport equipment for more than 60 years, and it is also a great advantage that we also use safety and marking products when storing our goods. This way we know exactly what works for your business environment. Need help? Please contact us.


What is collision protection?

Collision protection are products that protect against something that can drive into it. In addition, it has a striking color so that it is quickly visible.  

Can I also buy used collision protection?

Because our used range is constantly changing, it is possible that one day we have used collision protection in the range and the other day no more. Would you like to know more about products with the label used? Have a look at our used page.