Laundry roll container

Laundry roll container

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Get from A to B with clean laundry. A laundry roll container has a different function than a normal roll container. These carts have been developed to transport quantities of laundry and linen between laundry and final destination, so that these crops can be kept clean. The wheels of a laundry container are often made of rubber. The advantage of this is that rubber wheels have a high load capacity and make virtually no noise. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Very useful if the container has to be moved to a hospital or hotel via the laundry room.


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Laundry roll container fixed construction
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The roll cart stands on wheels made of rubber. The advantage of this is that the cart has a higher load capacity and at the same time makes less noise than wheels made of a different type of material. In addition, rubber wheels can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In which situations are laundry containers used?

A laundry container is used to transport laundry and and linen. Because the tiers of the 3-side variant can be folded away, you can easily convert it to 4 sides, so that laundry cannot fall out.


What types of laundry containers does Kruizinga have?

Kruizinga has 2 types of laundry containers, with a closed container and roll containers in a 3-sided shape.
The containers are available both new and used. Would you like to rent a laundry container? Then click in the filter menu on “rental” and request a rental quote. Do you have questions about this? Please contact our sales team.


Are there specific industries/sectors where laundry containers are used?

Laundry containers come across common in laundry and linen companies.
But can also be used for other applications, as long as the maximum load capacity does not exceed.


Why buy a laundry container at Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga, personal customer contact is paramount and we attach great value to this.
Do you also want to buy a sturdy laundry container, but you are not quite sure what the right solution is for you? Then contact our sales team. They can advise you on the right choice for you.


What is the delivery time of a laundry container?

The delivery time of a laundry container can differ per product. Is the product in stock? Then it will be delivered within approx. 2 working days. Should your order be delayed? Then you will be contacted as soon as possible to determine a new delivery or collection date with you.

Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?

Minimum rental period is 30 days. Do you want to rent for less than 30 days? You can, but you will be charged for 30 days. NB! Renting is not possible for individuals. Do you have other questions about the rental period? Please contact one of our sales specialists.

What is the maximum load capacity of a laundry container?

The maximum load capacity of a laundry container differs per roll container. One variant has a load capacity of 200 kg, the other can have a load capacity of 400 kg.

Is it possible to purchase large volumes?

This is possible, you do have to contact us, because the delivery time of a product can change. This has to do with the stock.