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Extensive range of cabinets at Kruizinga

At Kruizinga we have an extensive range of cabinets, think of: Storage cabinet, locker cabinets, wardrobe cabinets and drawer units, everything for storage of products. Indispensable in warehouses, factories and many workshops. In addition, Kruizinga offers these cabinets as new and used. The range also includes various accessories such as: dividers, storage bins, padlocks, shelves and more to ensure that your cabinet can be used to its full potential.

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Smart choices



Which type of industrial and closet cabinets should you choose?

Since there are as many different types of storage cabinets as there are different types of activities, it is important to make the right choice. The most classic model is the cabinet with one or two doors, usually equipped with a lock, in which a number of items can be stored on shelves inside the cabinet. There are also metal cabinets with multiple drawers: this option is ideal if you need to store products that need to be kept separate and organized. The same goes for a drawer unit, also called a drawer box: it allows you to organize the necessary items in detail. Finally, a closet or wardrobe allows people working in a certain area to store their regular clothes during their working hours so that they are protected, and at night their work clothes: gloves, overalls, masks, etc.


The different types of cabinets

At Kruizinga, we have a wide range of different cabinets as named above. Each type of cabinet has a different application. For example, a computer cabinet is specially designed for computers. A bin cabinet is a cabinet with storage bins in it. And a locker cabinet can be found in schools or companies with a warehouse. Employees or students can store things safely, for example. There is a locker for every solution.

Plastic or metal locker?

When choosing between a metal or plastic cabinet, think about the items you want to store in it. If you need to store your items in an enclosed space that can withstand outdoor temperatures, the ideal choice is a metal cabinet that will last for years. Do you need to store products that can be corrosive? Is a plastic cabinet essential. Plastic is lighter and easier to handle, and also allows you to transport your equipment more easily. Finally, you need to choose the color: white, gray, black or otherwise. Everything depends on your needs, but the white cabinet is a classic.

Buying a closet? Kruizinga helps you!

Do you want to buy a warehouse cabinet, filing cabinet, computer cabinet, drawer cabinet, helmet cabinet or other kind of cabinet but you don't know yet which one suits you best? No problem! Our specialists are ready to help you make the best choice. Contact them easily. By purchasing a cabinet at Kruizinga, you are assured of the best price/quality ratio.


Can I buy used cabinets at Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga it is possible to buy used cabinets. These can be found on the left side of the website under the heading article classification. Our used range changes daily. So it may be that a specific used cabinet is available one day and not the next. Want to know more about Kruizinga and used products? Then take a look at our used page.

Does Kruizinga also have various accessories for cabinets?

Within our range of cabinets, you can also obtain various accessories for your cabinet at Kruizinga. For example: dividers, storage bins, inserts, padlocks, shelves and much more. Everything to ensure that your cabinet can be used optimally.