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Are you looking for a convenient way to transport light or heavy goods? Then choose a 2-sided roll container. 2-sided roll containers, also known as 2-sided rolling carts, are indispensable for the distribution, supply and collection of goods. The 2-sided carts are equipped with two side walls and 1 bottom. In addition, they have a load capacity of no less than 600 kilograms. This makes the trolleys suitable for use in environments where both light and heavy goods have to be transported.


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The specific properties of a 2-witch roll container

2-witch roll cages can be recognizable by the two side walls and 1 bottom on wheels. In addition, they are also available in different versions. You can get our trolleys with clamping gates or insert gates. In addition, they are also available in a nestable variant if you want to save space. 


They are available with different materials in the bottom. Think of a 2-sided roll container with a wooden bottom, steel bottom or plastic bottom. You can also equip your trolley with various types of wheels. You can easily filter on this by checking the type of wheels you want under extra specifications on the left side. Would you like more information about which wheel material suits you best? View our wheel selection aid.


Situations where 2-sided roll containers are often used

2-sided roll containers are often used for stocking or transporting goods. 2-sided trolleys are perfect in places where logistics are a priority. Examples where these carts are common are: logistics transport, production chopping, supermarkets, catering, event branches and warehouses.


Buy 2-sided roll container at Kruizinga

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of 2-sided roll containers in new and used and circularity is of paramount importance. This is important to us. You can also choose to purchase custom-made 2-sided roll containers on . There is a 2-sided trolley for every solution. Need a roll container temporarily? Then choose rent 2-witch roll container as a temporary solution.


Wilt you want to buy a sturdy 2-sided roll container, but you are not quite sure which one suits you best? Please contact our specialists. They help you choose the right roll container.


What is the delivery time of a 2-sided roll container?

Before the roll container is ready for shipment, it must first be assembled. Because of this, the delivery time can vary. When you look at the website you will see the delivery time for each type of roll container. Do you want to buy a large number of roll containers? Then the roll containers may have a longer delivery time.

What is the maximum load capacity of the 2-sided roll container?

The maximum load capacity differs per roll container. This is due to the material bottom of the roll container. For example, more is possible on a steel or wooden floor than on a plastic floor. But most 2-sided roll containers have a maximum load capacity of 500 kg.