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Secure storage with Kruizinga's safety boxes

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of new and used safety boxes. A safety box, also known as an anti-theft box, tool safety box or transport case, is an important product for those looking for a secure way to store or transport their valuable tools and materials.

At Kruizinga you will find an extensive selection of lockable tool boxes, fluorescent tube boxes and transport boxes. View our range or read more below.

Smart choices

Security boxes and Anti-theft storage Advantages of security boxes

Safety boxes have several advantages. Above all, the box offers reliable protection against theft. So you don't have to worry about stealing valuable tools or materials. In addition, most safety boxes are made of strong materials that make them resistant to weather or shock damage.


Various versions

At Kruizinga we have different versions of safety boxes. Think about:


Anti theft

Anti-theft boxes are boxes that are protected against theft. These safety boxes are well lockable and made of sturdy material.

TL tube box

Fluorescent tube boxes are made for the safe collection and transport of fluorescent tubes. These boxes are made of stable aluminum construction and are easy to stack.

Transport boxes with or without wheels

Transport boxes are available with or without wheels. You can easily transport all kinds of goods such as equipment or tools.

Tool box

Tool boxes are for storing or transporting all kinds of tools.

Applications of safety boxes

Safety boxes are versatile in use and are therefore used in a wide range of applications. Whether you are looking for a transport case for all your tools on the construction site, for example, or a lockable tool box for your home in the garage. Our safety boxes give you the flexibility you need when you need to store your valuable tools or materials safely and efficiently. to transport or store.


Selection aid safety boxes

There are a number of important factors when choosing the right safety box. For example, you must take into account the size and weight of your materials or tools. If you want extra security, choose an extra lock.

Buy safety box

At Kruizinga you can count on quality and durability. Our safety boxes are designed to protect your materials and tools against, for example, theft. At Kruizinga you can count on excellent customer service and fast delivery, which makes your purchase even more attractive. Contact one of our specialists quickly and easily for all your remaining questions.