Workpiece trolleys

workpiece trolleys -

Material trolleys for versatile storage

Do you want to easily store or transport? A material cart is the best solution for this. With a material cart you are mobile and at the same time able to transport your products in an orderly manner.

The carts can also be expanded with various accessories such as hooks or a material bin. This makes transporting various items in your warehouse a lot faster and easier.


All Fetra carts are supplied as standard with powder-coated steel, swivel and fixed castors and EU -safety standard EN 1757-3


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Different types of material carts

There are different types of material carts within the Kruizinga range. Think of a material trolley that you can organize yourself with different types of accessories, which you can see as a tool board. But we also have reel trolleys or drying trolleys in our range of material trolleys.


Reel trolley

A reel cart makes it easy to transport and store hoses. This way hoses do not get tangled and you can easily move it.


Drying trolley

Do you have materials that need to be dried? Then you can opt for a drying trolley. Please note that you do not exceed the maximum load capacity of the drying trolleys. Do you want to dry large plates? Then choose a support arm trolley. The load capacity is on average higher than a drying trolley.


An all-rounder for storing parts and tools!

Material trolleys are all-rounders as it involves storing parts or tools. You can furnish the car according to your wishes with various accessories. For example, you can opt for a tube carrier to transport rolls of adhesive tape, for example. Also useful is a small material container, with which you can transport screws or other small material. A material cart is very useful if you need to quickly transport tools from one side of the warehouse to the other side of the warehouse, but still want to keep everything organized.


Buy a material trolley? Kruizinga Can you help!

Looking for a material truck? At Kruizinga you will find various versions of material trolleys that are made of high quality. Buying a material cart can be difficult if you don't quite know which choice to make, that's why we're happy to help you! You can easily contact with our specialists, they will help you make the right choice.


What is a material cart?

A material cart is a truck in which all necessary materials or resources can be transported. Think of tools or small material. At Kruizinga we have different types of material trolleys, called drying trolley, material trolley or reel trolley. 

Which parts and tools can you store in a material trolley?

A material cart is a real all-rounder for storage and transport within your workshop or warehouse. You have the possibility to transport many types of materials or articles with material trucks. You can easily organize a material cart by using various accessoriessuch as a mandrel carrier or tube carrier, but you can also use a small material bin or shelf.

Is it also possible to rent material trucks?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to rent material trucks. Are you curious about what you can rent? Then take a look at our rental page. 

Does Kruizinga also have used material trucks?

At Kruizinga you have the possibility to buy used products. You can easily filter on this by going to the article classification filter on the left side of the website. Does this only say new and not used? Then the used record carts are temporarily gone. When a new stock has arrived, you will immediately see a heading “used” on the left side. to appear. Curious about used products? Then take a look at our used page.