Furniture roll container

Furniture roll container

Furniture trolleys, also called Corletten, available from stock at Kruizinga!

Are you moving? Then it often happens that furniture has to be transported to other locations. Special roll containers have been made for this, called furniture transport trolleys. This allows you to easily transport and move furniture from location. Another commonly used name for furniture transport trolley is corlets or furniture trolley. A furniture cart is available in different shapes and sizes. For example, there are furniture carts with an L-frame, which are nestable and can be nested in a space-saving way when you are not using the cart. The carts are also available in a stackable variant, so that you can stack them in height and save even more space!


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In which situations are corlets used?

The furniture cart is a very well-known product in different industries. Corlets are a frequently used product, especially in the furniture industry. But also ideal for transporting articles of a large volume.


Which types of corlets does Kruizinga have?

At Kruizinga we have various types and sizes of furniture carts. You can also choose from nylon wheels or rubber wheels. There is also the option of renting a furniture transport trolley or ordering it as a custom solution, and the trolleys are available both new and used.


Are there specific industries/sectors where furniture carts can be used?

Furniture carts are suitable for applications in warehouses, (furniture) shops and transport companies, and are well known in the furniture industry in particular. But a furniture transport truck is also often used by moving companies or transport companies.
They are also used for the storage of products.  


What are my options if I would like a custom furniture cart?

At Kruizinga you have the option to purchase a custom furniture cart. Do you have no idea what exactly you want? Then contact our specialists, they will be happy to help you make the right choice and can go through all the options with you so that together we can achieve the right result with your wishes.

Can I order several corlets?

You can order several corlets at the same time from Kruizinga. This is not a problem with us. We have a large stock of furniture carts on location. Both new and used variant. Do you only need a furniture cart temporarily? Then opt for renting, so you save on investment and space and a furniture cart will not be left behind if you no longer need it in time.

What is the maximum load capacity of a furniture cart?

The maximum load capacity of a furniture transport cart differs per version.
The largest variant has a maximum load capacity of 800 kg and the smallest variant of 600 kg.