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Working in height? Ladders from Kruizinga are the solution!

Ladders are mainly found outdoors. Think of situations where people are maintaining the outside of houses, pruning trees and painting window frames.


Ladders are characterized by their thin treads, can be placed against something or used as stand-alone. In addition, Kruizinga's range includes various types such as: folding ladders, straight ladders, telescopic ladders, reform ladder and push-up ladders. We also sell various accessories.


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Smart choices



Why use an extension ladder?

When we talk about an extendable ladder, we usually mean models with an extendable part or a telescopic ladder of up to 5 meters. There are two different types. The first is the solution where one part is slid over the other to extend the length of the steps, you simply slide the upper part over one and then clamp it onto a step. This second solution allows you to adjust the length according to your needs. These two features make it a very popular tool for professionals and individuals. Indeed, for an individual, the extension ladder is used for various needs (roofing, trees, gutters, window cleaning and others). For professionals, it is a perfect solution because this tool takes little space in warehouses and trucks. So that more tools can be stored.


What type of aluminum ladder should you choose?

As you have read above, there is a wide choice of solutions, and it is not always easy to know which is the best option. Here is a small overview of the interesting solutions.


Telescopic ladder up to 5 meters

Let's start with the maximum telescopic ladder of 5 meters. If you are a professional or you do work or maintenance at great heights, such as on the roof or in trees, we recommend the telescopic ladder of up to 5 meters, because with this tool it is possible to reach great heights while adjusting its size. Moreover, you save storage space and can easily place it in a corner of your garage or warehouse.


3-piece ladder

Next is the 3-piece ladder, a cross between a step ladder and an extension ladder. In fact, this version is foldable and has two sections of stairs, plus an extension on one section that slides up to increase the height and number of steps. The 3-part ladder offers very good stability at an optimal and adjustable length.


Folding ladder

Finally, we have the folding ladder, which can come in handy in many cases. Like the telescopic ladder, depending on the model, it can be nested. This means you can adjust the size on one or both sides. It can also be used as stairs or can be folded out to its full length.


Buying a ladder? Kruizinga helps you!

Have you found a ladder but still have questions about it? No problem! Simply contact one of our specialists. They will help you choose the right ladder. By purchasing a ladder at Kruizinga, you are assured of the best price/quality ratio.


Can I buy used ladders?

In our range of ladders, you can also buy various used ladders. You can find this on the left side of the website under the heading article classification. You can also buy various other used products from Kruizinga. Check out our used page for this.

Does Kruizinga also have other climbing equipment for sale?

Besides ladders, Kruizinga also has other climbing equipment for sale. For example: stairs, step stools or mobile scaffolds.