Configurate shelving in 3 steps

Discover the versatility of a type 55 shelving unit

The type 55 shelving unit offers a strong and versatile storage solution for various warehouses, shops and workshops. With high-quality materials and good workmanship, this metal shelving unit is suitable for light to medium-heavy storage. Shelf racking, also called a shelving unit, filing cabinet or storage rack, is ideal for storing goods in combination with stacking bins or storage bins.


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2. Configure the Static shelving rack 55 according to your requirements

Customise the dimensions and numbers below and in the configurator (per racking/shelving component) as required.

W x D x H : 3042 x x 2000 | Sections: 3

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Choose depth

Attention! Floors can consist of multiple shelves because of loadcapacity

Add section left

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975 mm 443 mm 90 kg 975 mm 443 mm 90 kg 975 mm 443 mm 90 kg 2000 mm 3042 mm 425 mm [ date: 2024-07-22 | legbordstelling | type 55 | 2163979 ]

3. Order shelving rack now

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Shelving parts
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2x  55-SCH-X accessories static shelving rack 55 cross connection
8x  55-SCHROEF accessories static shelving rack 55 screw
15x  55-ETAGE-10040 accessories static shelving rack 55 additional shelf
8x  55-ST200 accessories static shelving rack 55 stand
16x  55-TOPDOP accessories static shelving rack 55 parts, top cap

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static shelving rack 55
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static shelving rack 55
complete with accessories
Static shelving rack
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TÜV-certified Kruizinga house brand high quality shelving unit has a load capacity from 50kg per floor and is very suitable for shopfitting, archive or office. The rack is very easy to assemble thanks to the clamp-click-ready system. Made of high-quality galvanised steel, it can be used very flexibly with numerous available accessories. A storage rack with a TÜV certificate or TÜV quality mark confirms that a storage rack meets the requirements set by legislation, standards and quality marks.

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Shelf rack type 55

At Kruizinga we have 2 types of shelving, namely type 55 and type 856. A type 55 rack is slightly different from a type 856 rack. Type 55 is our own brand shelving unit, made of high-quality galvanized steel, and has a loading capacity of 50 kg per floor. The rack is suitable for shop fitting, office or archive. In addition, it is easy to install thanks to the clamp-click-ready system. Only the X or H braces need to be screwed together. Shelf rack 856 has an industrially robust design made of high-quality steel with a loading capacity of 175 kg per level. Due to the clamp-click-ready system, this type does not require screwing.

High or low? Create your own shelf rack 55

At Kruizinga you have the option to put together your own shelf rack 55, whether you are looking for a high or low rack, it is all possible. The minimum height and width that you can put together is 800 mm high and 550 mm wide, in which you can incorporate different shelves. The maximum height and width is 3000 mm high and 1300 mm wide. In addition, various accessories are available from Kruizinga.

Advantages of a shelving unit 55

The type 55 shelving unit offers users several advantages. Firstly, its modular design makes it easy to assemble and adapt to the user's specific needs. In addition, the adjustable shelves provide a flexible storage solution that allows efficient organization of different goods. Furthermore, the racking is reliable and durable, making it a cost-effective investment in the long term.

Create your own shelving unit type 55

At Kruizinga you can put together your own shelving unit type 55. You can do this with our rack configurator. You can choose different sizes, number of shelves and you can add multiple sections. Follow the following steps:


1. Choose the size: Determine the height, width and depth of your shelving unit 55 based on the available space and size of the goods to be stored.

2. Choose the number of levels: Determine how many levels you need based on the height of the goods to be stored.

3. Place your order: After you have selected all options, place your order with Kruizinga.

Want to buy shelving units? At Kruizinga you have come to the right place!

Kruizinga not only offers high-quality shelving units 55, but also excellent customer service and support. With our extensive experience and expertise in warehouse solutions, you can trust that you will receive the best service and products from us. Discover the benefits of our shelving units today. Would you like more information about our shelving units? Then easily contact our specialists.


What is a shelf rack

A shelving unit is a rack with shelves. It is a commonly used storage solution in warehouses, shops, garages and offices. In addition, they are available in different sizes and materials, making them suitable for various applications and environments.

Can you also rent a shelf rack 55?

No, it is not possible to rent a shelf rack 55 from Kruizinga. We do have other products that you can rent, such as stacking racks. View our rental page for all information about rental.

Does Kruizinga also have used shelving units type 55?

The range used changes continuously at Kruizinga. New used goods arrive every day. You can find our second-hand racks on our used racks page. Would you like more information about our used goods? Then view our general uses page.